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Awakenings Chapter 6: Convergence, Page 9

In a few minutes, Joe began to snore and soon began to dream.  These were not the usual kinds of dreams.  These were the dream fragments of clairvoyance mixed with the threads of possible future events.  This resulted in an incredible complexity of seemingly irrational dream scenes snarled together in a very large Gordian knot of future threads.  Joe found himself mentally crawling along some of the brighter threads of dream thought and looking into them like he was staring into another room through a keyhole.

One thread stood out from the rest.  Glowing brightly, Joe could clearly see his friend Ed and a striking blonde woman whom he did not know standing at wine tasting tables in what looked like Jack London Square in Oakland.  This scene faded into one with the hand missing portions of fingers holding a semi-automatic pistol shoved into the back of….Joe sensed that this was Ed!  Suddenly, Joe perceived an image of explosions and gunfire with a backdrop of container ships, massive cranes, and burning buildings.  The sounds of screams and sirens coupled with bodies and fire made this almost a scene out of a Bosch painting.  And the dreams continued.


The morning found Ed busy with getting ready for yet another luncheon meeting for the Fairchild Group executives and the Chinese.  His thoughts wandered to Pauline for the hundredth time while he did routine tasks.  Was he too forward?  He certainly found her attractive, both in body and mind.  More than that, he felt like their souls were touching at a very deep level, all with a rosy glow.  He had never really been in love before, but could this be it?  She sure seemed to be attracted to him, or was she just teasing him?  No, there was really something there, but he had better not rush things.  Well at least she was accompanying him to the Jack London Square Wine Festival.  And Ed could not stop thinking of Pauline.

His office phone rang.  “Hi Ed, the Fairchild Group execs are here.”

“Thanks.” Ed stopped what he was doing to go meet them.

Stepping out of his office, Ed walked over to the winery, where a limo disgorged the group of executives in business casual dress.  Ed brightened when he spied Pauline amongst the group. “Well hello Pauline.  Been doing any bike riding lately?”

Pauline laughed and reached out to shake Ed’s hand. “I did a nice bike ride yesterday.  The weather around here is wonderful for bike riding.  And you?”

“I dusted off my old mountain bike and took it for a spin.  I am a little stiff and sore today.” Ed winked at Pauline.

Just then the drone of a helicopter made everyone look up.  With a sick look, Pauline said, “Oh, I see that… Shindo is here.”

The Bell 430 settled down into the clear upper parking lot, kicking up a cloud of dust and leaves.  After a few moments, the pilot slowed the rotors down and then killed the power.  The first two passengers out the door of the helicopter were the bodyguards who had been at the County fair wine tasting.  Next came the same two Chinese gentlemen, and then  Shindo.  This entourage then proceeded to walk down to the tasting room.

Continued ...