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Awakenings Chapter 1: Dreams

Joe woke up dreaming as the morning light streamed in through his bedroom window.  Or was he dreaming that he was waking up?  It all seemed surreal.  Yes, he was awake, but the random images of some kind of dream kept popping into his head.  The smell of bacon and eggs cooking made Joe realize just how hungry he was.  As he stood up and trundled to the bathroom, the random images of people and things stopped.

As he entered the kitchen, Elise, Joe’s wife, smiled at him but then gave him a questioning look. “Where were you last night?  It’s not like you to take walks at night without telling me where you are going.  Have you forgotten about the neighbor losing goats to the mountain lions?”

Joe thought briefly about telling Elise about the tunnel, but he had an instinct that this was not the time. “I was out looking for a broken water line in the vineyards.  Our water usage has gotten a little high even though we aren’t currently irrigating. I had Porto with me to watch for mountain lions”.  Porto was Joe’s black Labrador retriever.

Elise brought the bacon and eggs to the kitchen table with some buttered toast. “Don’t forget about your meeting with the irrigation guy this morning.  What time do we have to be at the fair grounds tonight?”  The Gambaro’s were awarded a gold medal for one of their Zinfandels at the county fair, where a tasting event was scheduled for tonight.  They would be there with numerous other medal winners pouring their wines for the public to sample. Continued ...

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