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Awakenings Chapter 7: Collisions, Page 5

Shindo met Jorge at the heliport.  “Report.  What is the situation at the terminal?”

“Boss, it could be better.  Grainger’s people are trying to take control of the port area.  Several of our people have been wounded or killed in the fighting.  Plus we have been finding hidden video cameras of a type that we think the Feds use.  Someone, we think it is the Feds, is picking up some of our wounded.”

Shindo looked at Jorge angrily. “We must not let Grainger take control.  It is time to hunt down Grainger’s people and kill them all.  Let me call Grainger, offer him a deal, and set up an ambush.”

“Be careful.  I am beginning to feel like we may have underestimated Grainger.”

Anyone else talking to Shindo like this would have received an immediate slap in the face.  Instead, Shindo glared at Jorge. “We just have to avoid anything that is predictable.  Load the weapons on the boat.  Grainger cannot be allowed to anticipate our next move.”


DeMario was getting tired.  Keying his mike, “Coastie, was that gunshots that I just heard?”

DeMario’s radio crackled.  “Yep. Sounded like an AK.  The noise is kind of hidden by the sounds of the trucks and cranes.”

“Any sign of the Oakland Police?”

“Nope.  But I am not sure if anyone has called anything in.  Derek, are you picking up anything on the scanners?”

Derek’s voice came on the air with a background hiss.   “Nothing in the port area.  I don’t think anyone has called anything in…  Hold on, there is an ambulance call.”

Pete interrupted.  “This is quickly getting ugly.  I have my spotting scope trained on a guy who looks all the world like he is placing charges on some of the shipping containers.  Lucky for me, he doesn’t seem to be very good at avoiding detection.”

Derek came on.  “You guys, there have been some major developments on this end.  Sandra has just given the ok for you guys to get a little more proactive.  Do you think that you can regroup and go in to disable any explosives?

Pete jumped in.  “Will we be allowed to bring all of our toys with us?”

“That is affirmative.  Do what you can.  You are authorized to use deadly force if needed.”


Grainger was sitting in his office with Robert, Juan, and Eric when his personal cell phone rang.  “Hello.”

“Grainger, we will accept your terms.  Call off your men.  Can we meet in the next hour?”

“Shindo!  You goddamn idiot.  It is a little late for that.  The terms have gone up.  Our fees are now doubled.  Take it or see your little enterprise get pissed on big time!”

“You touch my stuff and I will piss on your face while you suffer a slow painful death!”

“Hah, your ship coming in is as good as sunk.  Your men on the docks are as good as dead.”