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Awakenings Chapter 6: Convergence

The sound of Porto howling outside of Joe and Elise’s bedroom window jarred them out of a deep sleep.  Joe rolled over and looked at his clock.  2:12 AM.  “What on earth….” They then heard a deep rolling thunder, kind of like a freight train approaching.  Elise just had time to reach over and turn on a light when the first shockwaves hit.  For the next 3 or 4 seconds the house seemed to come alive.  Books fell off of shelves.  They could hear the sound of something breaking…. then it all stopped as suddenly started.  Elise’s car alarm pierced the silence that otherwise would have returned to the Gambaro household. 

Chaotic footsteps running down the stairs heralded the children as they ran for their parents’ room.  “Mom, Dad! What was that?”

Joe’s heart rate was slowing back down. “An earthquake.  It wasn’t very long.  We didn’t lose power.  Are the phones still working?”

Elise picked up the phone.  “The dial tone sounds ok.”

Joe looked over at Joe Junior.  “Why don’t you go log onto the USGS website.  They have earthquake information.”  When the kids left to look at the website, he and Elise got dressed.  Joe pulled on his slippers. “We need to check the winery for damage.”

By the time Elise and Joe stepped out of the house to walk over to the winery, Elise’s car alarm had stopped sounding.  Stepping into the winery, they found little damage.  A couple of bottles had fallen off a shelf and shattered on the floor, the wine contents still dribbling into a floor drain.  The barrels all looked intact.  Joe inspected the water pipes for leaks.  “That really was a pretty short jolt.  I am surprised that we heard it coming.” Continued ...

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