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Awakenings Epilogue: Daylight

The videoconference was about to begin.  So far, only a single link to Washington DC was active.  Sandra and Agent Young were dressed impeccably.  Even Derek was in a dark pinstriped suit.  Sandra looked at the so far only active screen and camera combo.  “Sir, you are absolutely sure that these lines are secure on your end.”
Director Alvarez replied, “As certain as we can be.”
“Sir, we have lots of evidence that this really was a drug smuggling gang war.  It really is incontrovertible .”
“Yes Sandra, and how do you know that wasn’t how the terrorists were financing their operation?  You have recovered the bodies of several Middle Eastern men who were identified as being on the terrorist watch list.  I have been directed by my superiors to focus on the terrorism aspects of the attack on the Port of Oakland.”

"What about all the other terrorist targets?  None of them seemed to be real.”

 “Yes, it’s now apparent that those were all false alarms.  The terrorist network planted false information to see how we would  react.  They were effectively probing our intelligence capabilities.  It turned out that Port of Oakland, the fourth  busiest port in the United States, was the real target.”

 “But sir, other than the dead Middle Easterners, we have no other evidence that this was more than a horribly huge feud  between gangs of criminals.”

“Sandra, you yourself reported that when you sent a team to raid Pacific Traders, all you found was an empty floor in the building where you had reports that they had offices.  You have a wild tale from a lone agent about some rogue Ukrainian psyops specialists conditioning people for mind control and corrupting government officials at high levels.  No supporting evidence has been found, yet.  That part is all starting to sound like a bad spy novel.”        Continued ...

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