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Awakenings Chapter 8: Redemption

Alex felt sick to his stomach as he walked up the steps to Volo’s house. Yes the fabricated information on how to get inside the National Security Agency would certainly entice Volo, but he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the sex vampires. He was certain that they were gradually breaking through his resistance training. This could almost be compared to selling his soul to the devil. For what, the safety of his country? He knocked on the door.

The greasy haired guy that he met at the warehouse a few nights ago opened the door. “Well good evening Alex. What brings you here tonight? We did not have you scheduled for an appointment.”

“I have some information that I think that Volo will find very useful.”

“Just a moment, I will need to see if he can see you now.”

Alex stood there for a moment waiting. He could hear some faint music coming from inside. The greasy haired guy was back quickly. “Come on in. Volo will see you now.”

Alex walked into the same room he had been in before with the leather covered furniture and smell of stale smoke, now intermingled with a sweet, almost perfumed scent.

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