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How can Sierra Wines and California Wine Magazine help  business owners and operators advertise directly to their prospective customers?  Read on to find out!

Advertise Directly to Your Target Audience
California Wine Magazine and Sierra Wines has a strong core of users who are interested in the Foothill wine region and what it has to offer.  This affords you an excellent chance to expose your business to those individuals who are most likely to take advantage of the goods and/or services you offer.

Don't Pay More Money for Less Return
Advertising online has several key benefits over print advertisements. For starters, it's far less expensive. Running your advertisement in a local newspaper can cost in upwards of $500 per month, but because your ad is often mixed into pages of other advertisements and very few of those viewing it are in your target audience, you'll see a much lower percentage returned of your investment. It's true that a large number of people will see your advertisement, but very few of these are actually prospective customers.

Why California Wine Magazine and Sierra Wines?
Between January and May of 2007, California Wine Magazine and Sierra Wines have seen monthly page views rise by 800 percent and monthly visitor counts rise by 750 percent. We advertise directly in both print and radio formats in Northern California, reaching an audience in excess of 750,000 people. Over two thirds of our visitors are from Northern California, meaning you're not wasting you advertising dollars on visitors whose location makes it physically impossible/unlikely for them to take advantage of your goods and services.

Own or operate a Foothill business?
Advertise on Sierra Wines for an even more focused demographic. Sierra Wines is the most comprehensive Foothill wine directory on the internet, containing detailed information on over 150 wineries as well as a message board and an extensive glossary of wine terminology.

Special Offer
During the peak volume months of August, September and October we are offering a two for one deal. Any ads purchased will appear on both California Wine Magazine and Sierra Wines at no extra cost.

What You Get
You can choose between a standard ad and a banner ad. Standard ads are 120 pixels wide by 100 pixels high; banner ads are 690 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. Banners may be shared/split with other advertisers at your discretion. Ads may be placed on one of three levels of pages:

Level 1: These are the most accessed and viewed pages on the site. Ads on these pages will show up no less than every fourth page view. This level includes the Zin Avenger and winery search pages. Example: The Medals Database

Level 2: These pages are one click removed from primary pages, and receive the second most traffic. Ads on these pages will show up no less than every fourth page view. This level includes glossary search pages and individual county pages. Example: Amador County Page

Level 3: These pages are the less accessed, content-oriented pages. Examples are puzzles, articles, and event pages. Example: Nevada City Downtown Jigsaw Puzzle on the Gamedemo page. 

Service Pages:  For a very nominal fee you can place a listing in our services directory which functions much like the yellow pages of a telephone directory.  Example: Places to Shop

Example Advertisements: (Real advertisements will link to your website of choice.)

Banner Ad:
Fake Advertisement Partial Banner Ad:
 Zin Avenger Ad

Standard Ad: 
 Zin Avenger in the Door

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