Clos Saron

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Appellation: North Yuba
Location: 9269 Collin House Rd.
Oregon House, California 95962
Phone: (530)692-1080
Winemaker: Gideon Beinstock
Tasting Room: Small
Days/Hours: Call for an appointment
Parking: Small
Picnic Facilities: N/A
Red Wines: Pinot Noir, Syrah, Limited Red Blends: Cuvee Mysterieuse, Holy Moly!, Sacre Bleu, Black Pearl, Pinot vineyard blend
White Wines: Only White Wine Blends: Carte Blanc, Tickled Pink
Production: 1000


The Winery

Located on the lower north east slope of a broad valley, Clos Saron is uniquely positioned to collect large amount of cold flowing off of the Sierras. That, along with the fact that the vineyard slope orientation keeps it shaded most of the day makes the vineyards at the winery the perfect spot for growing Pinot Noir.

The Vineyards

The soil where the vineyard is planted is poor, but well drained red loam and clay with a high mineral content. The vineyards are densely planted and dry farmed utilizing organic and many biodynamic principles. When the Beinstocks first purchased the land, it was planted to ½ acre of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that never ripened. They grafted it over to a much more appropriate grape for the area, Pinot Noir.

The Wines

The wines of Clos Saron are made with no commercial yeast, no malolactic fermentation, no acid corrections, no fining or filtering, limited pumping and no SO2 during aging. They utilize open top oak fermenters purchased from the Genrey Chambertin region of Burgundy. The goal is to make a wine with as little handling as possible to preserve the wonderfully delicate, complex flavors all great Pinots must obtain. The wines of Clos Saron have great fruit qualities, good acidity, a fairly full body, nice spiciness and great minerality from the distinctive soils of the area.

The Winemaker

Gideon Beinstock, the winemaker and owner of Clos Saron, studied winemaking in the Burgundy and Rhone region of France. He believes in a minimalist approach to winemaking, using gentle extraction methods, no filtering or fining and expressing the terroir of the vineyard and not just the grape varietal. Gideon is also the winemaker at Renaissance Winery. 

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