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Awakenings Epilogue: Daylight, Page 4

The gentleman smiled and took a sip. Then with a thick accent he commented, “Wonderful scent of blackberries and black cherries.  It has a nice dusty earthiness.” Peter was unable to place the accent.
“Where are you from?”

The gentleman answered.  “San Francisco.  Before that, Yugoslavia.  This wine reminds me of my home village off of the Adriatic.  It tastes like it is made in the old style.  You know, that is where grapes for wine originated.”

Peter wiped some drops of wine from the counter. “This winery was founded by an Italian immigrant in the 1870’s.  His wine making skills have been passed down through the generations.”

“Well it certainly tastes like some of the wines from my home village.  The founder must of learned his wine making from that portion of the old country and not in Italy.  This is truly a pleasure to taste.”  The old gentleman swirled the remaining wine around the glass and took another sip. “Yes, this is truly special.  I would like to purchase a case of the 2006 Reserve Old Vines Zinfandel.”

Peter smiled.  “Nadine will ring you up and please sign our guest book.”

While his order was being assembled, the elderly gentleman signed the guest book by carefully drawing a grape leaf with an eye in the middle surrounded by ancient Greek style writing.  Beneath this drawing, he wrote a quote from Socrates. “Bad men live so that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink so that they may live.”