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Awakenings Chapter 8: Redemption, Page 9


Between the two of them, Juan and Robert now had three holes in the hull of the Honolulu at the water line.  Sirens wailed on board the stricken container ship.  Robert looked up as he heard a familiar sound.  “Another chopper!  Get an SA7 ready!”

Juan laid down the RPG launcher and grabbed the SA7 launcher. Looking up, he scanned the sky for yet another helicopter.  Soon, in the light from the burning fuel, he was able to just barely make out an orange helicopter with a prominent tail fin.  He soon had a red indicator light in the SA7 sight and could hear the growling of the seeker indicating that the missile could see the heat signature of the engine.  Juan pulled the trigger and was rewarded by the launch of the missile.

Robert yelled out, “You just shot at a Coast Guard helicopter!  There are probably boats on the way.  It is time for us to get the hell out of here!”  Juan watched as the Coast Guard Helicopter quickly turned to evade the SAM.  The trail passed several feet outside of the rotors and kept climbing.  Several seconds later, there was a flash of light as the SAM self-destructed thousands of feet above the now fleeing helicopter.

Juan laid down the SA7 Launcher and manned the aft machine gun while Robert stepped forward to take the helm.  Soon his stomach told him that they were once again moving as fast as they could through the swells.

Eric did not waste any time getting out of his office.  As soon as he got of the phone with Robert, he sprang up out of his chair and ran down the hall.  He did not bother to wait for the elevator, but instead ran down the stairs.  Reaching the ground floor, he bolted through the door and out towards the gate.  The gunfire had mostly ceased, but he could hear shouting from points all around him.

The Oakland City Police officer lay low to the ground near the now barricaded entrance gate, watching the activities in the dock area over the sights of his AR-15 Rifle.  Suddenly, he saw a figure running madly towards the gate from the nearby buildings.  He lined his sights up with the figure.

The officer next to him was watching with a night vision scope.  “Don’t shoot, this guy looks unarmed.  Maybe he can answer what’s going on!”

When Eric burst over the barrier, one officer tried to grab him to bring him to the ground so that he could put him into custody.  “Stop.  Right now!”  Eric slipped out his grip and started running again.  The other officer fired his taser at Eric.  Eric went into violent convulsions even before he hit the ground.  His bowels and bladder let loose in one massive convulsion.  He then laid twitching and stinking on the ground.

“Holy shit!  This guys going into an epileptic fit!”  A moment later Eric stopped moving…and breathing.  The officer reached down to check his pulse.  “I can’t detect a heart beat!  Call for a medic!

Paris suddenly stopped her conditioning exercises of Alex.  Alex felt like he had been drained of his blood by this succubus, and was now not surprised when Volo did not even look up.  After a few moments Paris stood up and reached over for a bottle of hair spray, which she then started applying to her hair.  It suddenly dawned on Alex, that the hair spray contained the drugs that were being used to condition him!  Alex nonchalantly reached over and grabbed his cell phone, figuring out that the hair spray was how they were getting the drugs to him and that Paris was getting ready for yet another round of passion and mind control.  Eric accessed his voice mail to hear the single word “Einstein.”  His pulse raced.  This was the order.  He pushed a special sequence of numbers to acknowledge the message and call for help, then nonchalantly set the cell phone back down, and as stealthily as he could, grabbed his gun.  Paris had her back to him when he sat up and pointed the gun at Volo and Paris.  “You are to lay face down on the floor!”

Volo looked over at Paris who turned around smiling and said just one word “se'irim”.  Alex suddenly found his eyelids getting very heavy.  Volo said something else unitelligible.  Through a fog, Alex saw several other scantily clad woman come out of the adjoining room as he passed out.

Judging the distance, DeMario decided that they would have to simultaneously make a run for it.  He replaced the almost empty 30-round clip in the AK with another that he taken off the guy that Elise had clobbered.  He looked over at the containers that they had to run to.  “I am going to fire towards that shed while we all run over to cover.  I need to make the bad guy stay low.  I don’t want to hit the shed for fear of hitting Ed.  You are all going to have run close behind me.”  Everyone nodded in ascent, Pauline answering, “Whenever you are ready.”

DeMario counted out loud to three and began his jog towards the shipping containers, firing off only single rounds to save his ammunition.  The group got over half way to the containers when they saw a flash followed by a gunshot sound from one side of the shed. DeMario crumpled to the ground.  More flashes and shots followed.   Pauline immediately snatched the AK, rolled into a prone firing position and returned fire in a three shot burst.  The bad guy dropped.  In the dim lighting of the docks, Pauline couldn’t tell if she actually hit him or if he was just getting into a better defensive position.