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Cellar RatCellar Rat

On the far side of middle-aged, Cellar Rat has lived his whole life in wine country and never dreamt of doing anything but working in a winery. He is Joe's right hand in the cellar and is irreplaceable from crush through bottling. Often moody and with definite opinions on how things should be done, he had a hard time finding just the right working environment until beginning work at Gambaro Winery. Joe's patient approach to life and those that share it with him made this a perfect match for the hard working but strong willed Cellar Rat. Now after ten years at Gambaro, he knows more about what is where and how it got there than anyone in the winery, including Joe. The only problem is that he has a mortal fear of dark places and spiders, making life in a wine cellar, especially one that is over 100 years old, a little challenging for the irascible Rat.



Mr. Mega MartMr. Mega Mart

The chief buyer for a major chain of stores that carry less than fine wines, Mr. Mart (as he is known in wine country) never lets scruples stand in the way of what he considers a fair profit. Never actually doing anything illegal, you would never enter a verbal contract with this man. He has a way of looking at friends as just another business opportunity. What is making the wineries nervous is that of late he has been seen hovering in the area with increasing frequency. He cant be up to anything that is good for wine country, of that you can be sure.

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