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Awakenings Chapter 3: Explorations, Page 5

Ed shook his head. “I hardly even know how to use a gun.  What do you think is going on?”

“There are trucks going from that terminal to all points of the compass.  Most trucking companies have a few major clients.  There are trucks and cars coming from all over to the terminal, day and night.   There is more to this than just grape juice.”

“What did you do in the navy?”

DeMario got a far-away look in his eyes and took another sip of tequila.  “I gave away part of my left ankle to my country.  I saw some of my closest friends give their lives for their country.  I was trained to swim for miles at night to blow up things in the water.  This was all to stop bad guys who were threatening the health of the children of our country.  That is why I am concerned about what may be happening at the truck terminal.”  He then took another puff of his cigar.

DeMario then focused back on Ed. “Did you bring your notebook computer?”

Ed nodded.

DeMario produced a CD-Rom. “Tonight you should install the software on this CD.  It is designed to let us penetrate otherwise secure computer wireless networks.  It really is quite easy to use.”

Ed looked at DeMario questionably. “Where did…”

DeMario cut him off.  “I have friends in various government agencies.  Don’t ask too many questions.”

“Funny, I just heard that phrase that not too long ago.  That is why I am down here, to ask questions.”

“Ed, you should know that I was in black ops.  I really can’t talk about it, but I know how to do surveillance and how to obtain information by any means that I can.”

De Mario stubbed out his cigar. “We should get to bed soon.  We should not have any more drinks.   Tomorrow could get exciting.  We may need to have all of our wits about us.”


Eric pulled into the parking lot of the major electronics retail store.  Finding a parking space, he pulled in until his front wheels touched the curb.  A black car pulled up directly behind his Honda, blocking him in.  Three suited men jumped out and walked up both sides, with two of the men holding their hands on something beneath their jackets.

The guy with his hands free called out, “Eric Chatfield, keep your hands where I can see them, FBI”, and he then showed Eric his badge and an FBI identification card.

Eric’s heart raced.  He resisted the urge to run away, but panic took over. “Why are you here, wh wh what  is going on?

The FBI agent then read Eric his Miranda rights and stated, “We have been instructed to bring you in for questioning.  You can go voluntarily or we have enough information to make an arrest.”

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