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Awakenings Chapter 3: Explorations, Page 9

Soon, the wi-fi signal from the trucking company went out of range, so Ed shut down the software and repacked the notebook computer into the case at his feet.   About this time, DeMario made his first evasive maneuver by suddenly making a high speed sharp turn onto a different street, heading out of the industrial park.   The beamer stuck to the ‘stang like glue.

“They are on to us.  Those BMW M5’s can be quick cars with great handling.  I wish I knew what is behind that tinted glass”.  DeMario punched the gas, throwing them both back into the bucket seats.  “He is hanging with us.  That M5 is modified.”

They came to a red light at about 90 mph.  Fortunately, there was no one in the intersection, so DeMario blew through it and then put his foot deeper into the gas.  The M5 stayed several feet off of their tail.

'67 StangThe ‘stang’s engine was screaming now as DeMario pushed it past 140 mph. He yelled over the sound of the engine, “OK, so he wants to play.  Let’s see how he does on the farm roads.”  They then headed out onto narrow paved roads with potholes surrounded by almond orchards.  Slowing to 70 to get around a rough turn, DeMario found his heart in his throat when he spotted a school bus stopped with flashing lights ahead.  Hitting the brakes, he then put the car into a power slide to pick an even narrower cross road.  The beamer did likewise and hung with them.  “This guy knows how to drive!”

Just then a passenger leaned out of the beamer’s passenger window and fired a burst out what appeared to be a Mac-10 submachine gun.  Seeing the gun, DeMario did an extreme maneuver and turned between the rows of almond trees.  Flying between the trees at 45 mph, he kicked up an enormous dust cloud in the sandy soil, and the beamer finally had to drop back to a few hundred feet.  Spying a dirt farm road, DeMario slowed and hung a sharp right onto the road.  The beamer followed.  DeMario stole a quick glance to his right and noted a white and shaking Ed hanging on for dear life.

Suddenly, De Mario called out, “Oh sh*%!, hang on!”.  They came to a canal crossing and hitting the rise with too much speed, went slightly airborne.  Both cars bottomed out hard on the other side but kept going.

BMWSeeing a long straight stretch of dirt road ahead with a sweeping turn beyond, DeMario’s sprint car skills came into play, and he put his foot into the gas.  Ignoring the dust, the beamer tried to pull closer and the shotgun passenger leaned out and tried to fire another burst from the Mac-10, missing wildly due to the rough road.

Coming around the sweeping turn, DeMario spotted a decreasing radius turn with another canal on the outside of the turn.  He realized that this was the opportunity he was looking for.  Quickly pulling on the hand brake, he deliberately broke rear traction, and then hit the gas.  Going into a power slide, he raised an enormous dust cloud behind him.  He just barely cleared the canal and continued at a much slower speed down the farm road.  Looking in his rearview mirror, he watched the beamer launch directly into the canal, with the splash of water hitting the almond trees on the other side.

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