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Awakenings Chapter 2: Realizations, Page 11

In perfect English he said, “I don’t drink.  This was the price I paid for bad judgment that resulted from drinking alcohol.  I would like an iced tea please.”  As he sat down, his shirtsleeves dropped off his arms a bit, showing some tattoos that covered at least his lower arms.

Shindo looked directly at Juan. “Are we getting control of the situation?”

As Juan answered, he looked out the window into the street.  “We are watching the watchers.”

Shindo raised his eyebrows in a silent question.

Juan elaborated slightly, “Thanks to Eric, we are gathering information right now.  But I will explain over dinner.”

The waitress returned to the table when everyone had finished their first round of drinks.  “The special of the day is Halibut caught right here in the bay, can I take your order?”

Once the food had made it to the table, and everyone but Shindo was on their third glass of wine.  Juan retuned to the topic of the watchers.  “Eric here identified that the FBI suspects something with the shipments of grape juice concentrate coming in from China.  He had the sense to set up a trap.”

Shindo looked disbelievingly at Eric.  Juan continued. “He set up a phony dinner appointment at the Tiburon Bay House Restaurant.  That is the one right across the street.  There are FBI operatives out there right now watching that restaurant.  We have people in the street photographing the FBI operatives without their knowledge.  We will be able to identify the FBI agents.  We will eventually be able to leverage our way into control of key individuals at the FBI.  We will be able to identify individual operatives.  Next, we will identify their family members.   Then our psychologists will work their magic.  These psychologists are refugees from the former Soviet Union.  They managed to turn high up military personnel in 80’s to provide highly classified information on United States submarine technology to Soviet Intelligence operatives.  The carrot will be money or vices.  The stick will be the health of their family members.  Our methods have been effective in some places that would truly surprise you.”

Shindo shifted his weight in his chair and stiffened. “You are fools.  You will get some of us into prison.  But I do know that if any one of my people goes to prison then you will be dead!”

Robert smirked at Shindo. “We have penetrated the vaunted United States Department of Homeland Security using these methods!  How else do you think we are getting your stuff in now?  The FBI people will bend to our will or they will die, or even worse, their family members will die. Your people must stick with the agreement or there will be hell to pay!”

Eric suddenly felt very uncomfortable.  He wanted to leave.  He was intensely aware of the window and did not dare look directly out in fear that an FBI agent on the street would recognize him.

Shindo responded some more.  “You are cowboys!  I will report back to my people and you will see how they like your insane stunts.”  He then got up without finishing his dinner and left.

Robert looked at Juan with a sly smile. “Shindo’s people will appreciate us when we can deliver some insiders at the FBI who will bend to our will.”  He then looked at Eric.  “You’re helping to set up this trap shows some real thinking-on-your-feet insight.  How would you like to become a partner in our group?  We could use some more smarts.  As a token of appreciation, there is a bonus of 10 G’s in the briefcase next to my chair.”

Eric’s greed wrestled with his nervousness as he stammered. “I think I am honored but let me think about.”  He grabbed the handle of the briefcase and pulled it to next to his chair.  Juan and Robert both smiled knowingly as they returned to finishing their dinners.

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