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Awakenings Chapter 2: Realizations, Page 14

Joe enters the caveWith his lights on, Joe stepped carefully down the rubble pile.  Something seemed different.   It quickly became evident to Joe that some more of the tunnel roof had come unraveled. Clearly, this portion of the tunnel was not safe.  Large clods of weathered rock hung in place attached to the roof by dead roots, not the most comforting sight.

When Joe opened the door, everything appeared the same as when he last left it.  Joe walked over to the desk and once again opened it.  He pulled out the top rawhide stitching bound notebook and resumed taking digital photos of the pages where he had left off.  He repeated this procedure for the next book beneath the first one.

Joe decided to explore the chamber a little more and closed the desk.  Glancing down, he noticed a low bookshelf to the left of the desk holding maybe a dozen thin leather bound volumes.  Joe carefully pulled a notebook from one end and looked at the title on the cover, “Zinfandel Rosarium Clairvoyance ”.  This was the name of the wine that gave him the waking dreams!  This notebook he placed in his bag.  Inspired by this, he walked over to the wine racks and found a couple more bottles of the Zinfandel Rosarium Clairvoyance wine.  He then proceeded to photograph the handwritten labels present on several more bottles.  He paid closer attention to label with the words, Zinfandel Rosarium Divinatio.   This was very close to the name of the wine that had caused Joe to have the unusual waking dreams.  He grabbed three bottles of this wine and placed them in his bag.

Glancing at his watch, he realized that he only had about a half-hour before Elise and Cathy would be coming back from their 4H meeting.  Joe packed up his stuff and left the wine tunnel.  He whistled for Porto as he climbed to the top of the rubble pile and out to the surface.  It only took him a few moments to realize that Porto had found something very pungent to roll in.  Joe loaded up his booty into the utility ATV and returned back to the winery.

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