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Awakenings Chapter 2: Realizations, Page 6

“I have no idea.  Also, that translator with the Chinese guys is kind of creepy.  During our luncheon yesterday, I caught him going through some of the files in my office.  I was about to tell him to get out when he gave me a look that turned me cold.  He has these weird tattoos on his arms, besides missing some portions of fingers.  I am not sure what this Japanese guy is doing with the Chinese businessmen.”

“Wasn’t it you who told me you thought he was a member of the Yakuza?”

“Yes, and what would the Japanese mafia have to do with the Fairchild Group?”

Both Joe and Ed glanced over as Simone rang up a sale at her cash register.  Once her customers stepped through the door, she came over and sat down on one of the bar stools. “It’s not every day that I sell eight pieces of Baltic Amber Jewelry. How is the Toyon Ridge Barbera?”

Ed glanced at Joe, obviously wanting to continue talking to Joe, but not in front of Simone. “It is better than the 2003 vintage, although a little bit on the acidic side.  ”

Joe spoke up. “I brought you the two cases of my Zin that you ordered.  Ed and I were discussing the coming wine crop”.

Simone looked Joe in the eye. “Have you had any more luck with your cousins’ alchemy notes?”

Ed looked at both Joe and Simone. “I was also talking to Joe about the winery business”.  With a sheepish grin he said, “The transition to winery manager at Etoile Rouge hasn’t been as smooth as I expected.”

Simone looked sympathetically at Ed. “The Tarot might help you put your new job in perspective. ”  Before Ed could say any more, she pulled a deck of cards from a shelf from beneath the bar.  She handed the deck to Ed. “Please hold this deck and think about the questions that you would like to have answered.”

Ed held the cards for a moment, and without saying a word, pushed them back to Simone. Ed and Joe just watched in silence as Simone first shuffled the cards and then started drawing them one by one from the top of the deck, placing the cards face up in the classic Celtic Cross of Tarot.

Simone poured herself a glass of the Toyon Ridge Barbera, looked intently at Ed, and began her reading of the cards.  “This first card position is the basis of the problem, the eight of cups indicating things thrown aside.  This second card, the Devil, crosses the situation, indicating that things of the material world are an obstacle in your situation.”

Ed winced visibly and took another sip of wine.

Simone continued, “This third card, Judgment, indicates that you hope for an awakening or renewal of your soul in this situation. The five of swords in this position indicates that empty success is a past root of your difficulty.  The five of coins, here, shows that you will be lonely in your hope for an awakening.   The five of wands, here, represents that you are expecting a struggle.”

Ed interrupted, “I am already in some kind of struggle.  Sorry, please continue.”

Simone sipped some more wine and took a deep breath. “The Fool, in this position, indicates that represents that this situation has an unpredictable outcome.”

Ed rocked back slightly on the bar stool. “You can say that again.  I thought that Tarot readings gave more specific information.”

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