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Awakenings Chapter 6: Convergence, Page 12


Alex arrived at the address on the slip of paper.  Parking his compact car, he walked up to the door and knocked.  The red haired lady who had taken his picture answered the door.

“Why hello Alex!  Come on in.  We have been expecting you.”

Alex could not help but notice that the red haired lady was dressed in a very low cut black lace dress that revealed her buxomness and ….was even slightly sheer.  What were they planning to do here?  Then it dawned on him.  The Moscow Embassy prostitution cover story.  They were going to try to ply him with sex.

“You can call me Paris. Come with me.” Paris put her arm around Alex’s waist and guided him to another room.  The scent of perfume tickled Alex’s nostrils.  Paris’ hand caressing his side made his heart race.

“Good afternoon Alex!”  The ex-Soviet Pysops guy who called himself Volo and chain smoked cigarettes was waiting in the room, sitting in a leather covered easy chair. “Have a seat.”

Alex sat down in a plastic classroom style chair, facing Volo.   “Hi Volo.  I understand that you guys have some info on Al Qaeda in South America?”

“Yes, yes, we will get to that.  I think that you will be pleased on what information that you can get if you work with us.  There are also lots of fringe benefits.”

“In what way?”

Paris answered by standing behind Alex and pulling his head into the bare cleavage exposed by her dress as she massaged his chest.  Her long red hair hanging into Alex’s face.


DeMario, Pete, and Charlie all walked into the FBI briefing room, now converted into a critical response center.  Banks of monitors revealed live video from numerous locations around the Fairchild Group docks.  DeMario recognized Derek.  “Good afternoon.  We got here as quick as we could.  Any developments?”

Derek looked up from his notebook computer. “Hi DeMario,” and Derek introduced the newcomers to the others in the room.  “Sandra, this is who got us our latest intel from Fresno.”

Sandra, tired as she was, smiled and put up her hand.  “Good work, but I don’t want to know the details.  It might be quasi-legal.  Thomas here will brief you on the current situation and what assets we have coming.  Your job is solely to observe.  You are not to intervene or make contact with any of the bad guys.  Am I clear?”

Pete carefully eyed Sandra.  “We are specialists at observing and blending in.  Why else would I come in here dressed like a homeless person?  We must be allowed to protect ourselves.  Otherwise, we are not going in.”

Continued ...