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Awakenings Chapter 6: Convergence, Page 15


Eric was reminded about the bioelectronics installed in his body when his left arm went partially numb and his intestines began to once again complain.  “I have to be at work early tomorrow.  I have created a ruse to make the inspectors leave their cell phones at home.  I have told them that we have some evidence that unscrupulous people have figured out how to use the cell phones to bug them and to also track the locations of the inspectors during the day.  I think that I have the pilot problem resolved, although you ought to send along your ‘trainee’ just in case.”

Juan smiled.  “I knew we could count on you.  You are proving to be most creative.” 


Shindo and Jorge sat in lounge chairs in a room in the side of one of the hangers at the executive portion of the Oakland Air Terminal.  Shindo took another sip of his iced tea.  “This last plane load brings us up to 120 security personnel.  Make sure that they form 10 man teams.  Each team should have one PKS machine gun and one RPG launcher with 5 antipersonnel RPGs.  Each person should get one AK and 100 rounds of ammunition.  Do a quick refresher course on the use of that weaponry.”

Jorge looked at Shindo questionably. “Are you sure that will be enough?  Grainger’s people include a bunch of paramilitary guys with experience in the jungle.”

Shindo smiled.  “What our guys lack in experience they make up in enthusiasm.  They are each getting a $100,000 bonus when we defeat Grainger.  Put one team on the boat and give them two extra RPG tubes and 20 RPGs.  You will be prepared to go up in the helicopter and take a PKS machine gun and a dozen hand grenades.  I don’t think that Grainger is expecting this from us.”

Jorge looked down at his feet. “Remember how that Marcos general surprised us.  Perhaps I could have a little more firepower in the helicopter?”

Shindo wrinkled his brow.  “I really don’t see what else you could carry in the helicopter, there are no weapons racks.”

“How about several of the RKG antitank grenades?  If Grainger has a boat going after the ship, I might be able to drop those to put the boat out of action.”

“Good idea.  Now get some more surveillance going down at the dock.  We need to watch for Grainger’s people.  I don’t think that the cameras we have there are sufficient.”