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Awakenings Chapter 6: Convergence, Page 7


Robert looked at the heavyset guy with disgust. “Mr. Grainger’s.”

“Right over here sir.’

Juan brought out a key and unlocked a padlock on the outside of the box.  Swinging back the cover revealed several objects wrapped in paper.  Juan pulled out one of the objects and unwrapped it, revealing a long tube with a handle equipped with a trigger and sight, an RPG launcher.  Smiling, he said, “Lets go hunting.  Where are the rockets?”

The heavyset guy led Robert and Juan over to another stack of boxes.  Opening a box, Robert was obviously pleased. “Fantastic! These are the PG-7VR warheads, capable of penetrating up to 750 millimeters of armor.  The cargo ship coming has a hull about 200 to 300 millimeters thick at the water line midway from the bow to midships.  Plus the steel is not armor.  These should make a pretty hole.”

Juan studied the warhead carefully.  “Back when I was in the Rangers, we practiced with Soviet RPGs against old tank targets.  Hitting the side of a ship will be easier than the proverbial barn door.”

Robert scrapped at a bit of corrosion visible on the side of one warhead.  “Hitting a ship right at the waterline is not hitting a barn door.  You had better be good at this.  You will be firing from the boat, which will be rolling.  I intend for you to have a chance to get off twenty or more shots.  How quickly can you reload and fire?”

“I should be able to get one shot off every thirty seconds.  One launcher is good for maybe 5 shots.  With help it will take me 10 minutes to get all of the shots off.  Will there someone to provide covering fire in case someone tries to stop this?”

Robert smiled, “We will have a .50 caliber gun and more on the boat. But they won’t be able to stop us.  Have seven of the launchers and forty warheads loaded on the boat.  We will also have the 81mm naval mortar as a backup.  Also, I understand that the other warehouse has several SA-7 surface to air missiles, have three of those placed on the boat.  Shindo has some air assets.”

As Robert and Juan walked back out of the warehouse into the brightening morning, Juan asked Robert, “What time is the container ship arriving?”

“The best estimate is at 8:00 PM on Saturday.  But with the weather and other delays, that is plus or minus about 3 hours.”

Alex walked to his normal work location on schedule like he had been home to get some rest and nothing unusual was going on.  He was aware as he walked that he was being followed.  He stopped at a newspaper stand with a ruse to buy a paper but would give him chance to glance back to try to get a look at his tail.  His sudden turn caught the young redheaded lady by surprise, but whom quickly feigned stopping to pick up something off the ground, as if she had dropped something, making it difficult for Alex to get a clear look without being too obvious.

At that moment, a gray haired gentleman stepped to the side of Alex.  “Good morning sir, please take this.” An envelope was shoved into his hand.  The redheaded lady was now standing taking a picture of Alex being handed the envelope.  “There is ten thousand dollars in that envelope, thank you for joining the team.  We will provide you some inside information on the location of Al Qaeda affiliated islamofacists in South America this afternoon.  Can you be at this address at 2:00 PM? Here is the address.” The man passed Alex a slip of paper.

Alex had been caught off guard.  He stammered, “Of course, who, I mean why…?”  But the gray haired man and the redheaded lady were already gone. Continued ...