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Awakenings Chapter 6: Convergence, Page 4

“How did that get leaked?”

“I think it happened a few months ago, but earlier this week, we detected someone using some sophisticated software to break into the computers in Fresno.  Our security people went after them and gave chase, but they evaded them and we lost two good men.  We did get some surveillance video.  I have some pretty good ideas where the leaks are coming from.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“Scale back the security assets in our remote locations to skeleton strength.  Bring the rest here to Oakland.  We need to protect the ship that is coming in and the shipping containers that are still sitting on the dock from the last ship.”

“How many people do you think we need?”

“Oh perhaps 100 to 120.  Also bring in heavy weapons.  Grainger’s people include paramilitaries with hard-core urban combat experience.  Make sure you have a boat and the helicopter available.”

Jorge smiled.  “Just like when the Marcos generals tried to jack up their bribes.”

Shindo did not smile back. “Yes, just like when we had to take on Marcos’s paramilitary.  We lost a lot of people in that firefight, but they lost a lot more.  I have to attend a luncheon with the Fairchild Group idiots and their retarded Chinese clients today.  I will be back tonight.”

“Everything will be arranged just as you say boss.”


DeMario looked at the clock, 4:OO AM.  Not too early for his past career.  He decided to make the phone call.  “Good morning beautiful.  Rise and shine.  Time for your 3-mile swim.”

“Good morning DM, you demon.  Hate to spoil your fun, but I was already up, getting ready to go on a 5-mile run.  What’s up?”

“I really wish I could run.  I can still swim though, but there is precious little ocean here east of Fresno.  I have been working with our friends, you know who.  I don’t want to mention their names over the phone.  Something big is going to happen in your city.  I would appreciate your help.  Mind if I stay at your house?”

“Just like old times.  You can stay at my house anytime.  Are we going to get wet?”

“Be prepared for anything.  Get out your body armor and night vision gear. We will do some surveillance tonight.  You should also contact our Coastie buddy. See you about 1300 hours.”

After DeMario hung up the phone he continued cleaning his UMP40 submachine gun and M4 carbine.  He laid out several clips of ammunition for these.  After a little bit more thought, he pulled out a grenade launcher for his M4.  Once these were clean beyond the envy of a drill instructor he placed these into a special case.  This he placed into the newly painted trunk of his 68 Mustang along with a bedroll, a case containing night vision equipment, another case containing electronic surveillance paraphernalia, green metal boxes of ammunition, body armor, night vision equipment, and his scuba gear.   By the time he finished all of this, the first twilight of the morning was beginning to show, the stars disappearing one by one.  Going back to his house from the shop, Elena, used to her husbands habitually early hours, was up preparing breakfast. Continued ...