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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings

Eric lay in the hospital bed, the heart monitor beeping as he lay there, half in dream and half awake, the fluorescent lights casting their antiseptic light on everything, complementing the antiseptic smell.  Eric’s room had a large window.  On the other side of the window was a dark room, where two figures conversed.

“We have finished your background check; I am now authorized to brief you on the purpose of the surgery.”

Sandra grimaced at the non-descript guy in the blue jeans and skater T-shirt, in direct contrast to her tailored black pinstripe suit. “I am glad that the CIA is willing to give us FBI folk the time of day, all it took was an act of congress.”

Derek ignored her snide comment. “The system we implanted into Eric Chatfield is the latest beta-testing version of our experimental bioelectronics based recording system.  Think of this as a flight recorder system for humans.  This must be an incredibly important case; a Department of Homeland Security order to install an experimental system on a non-research subject like this is unprecedented.” Derek’s curiosity was plain as day.

Sandra grinned slightly. “I have not been authorized to share the details of this case with you.”

The irony was not lost on Derek. After a sigh of frustration, he continued. “You must monitor your patient’s health.  The prototype versions were tested on primates, and in some cases caused irreversible brain damage.  The first beta-tests have been run on condemned criminals, and so far, there have been no permanent ill effects.”

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