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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 11

“Perhaps that is a good thing.  I have always believed in the basic good of mankind.  I have a hard time thinking of entire company the size of the Fairchild Corporation as being evil.”

The waitress brought them their meals.  “Be careful, the plates are very hot.”  She then replenished their ice water. “Please let me know if you need anything else. May I refill your wine glasses? ”

Ed and Pauline simultaneously nodded their heads yes and their glasses were refilled.

“Yum, the pinot noir is exquisite with the halibut.  You stated that there were two bodies pulled out the car that chased you.  How do you know that were not more than two people in the car?

Ed felt a sudden twinge of fear.  Setting down his fork, “To be honest, that thought did not occur to me.”

“I hope your friend keeps his car well hidden.”

“I will give him a call tonight.”

Ed and Pauline continued with their meal, discussing their recent experiences, their schooling, families, and much more, gradually connecting on a deeper and deeper level.

Eventually, “This halibut is so rich I could only eat about half of it.  How was your catfish? ”

“Ok, but the jambalaya was very good.  The pinot stood up to the spiciness quite well.”

Noting that they appeared to be done, the waitress stopped and asked, “Would either of you like to look at our desert menu?”

Ed and Pauline looked at each other and, smiling, they simultaneously said “No” and then gently laughed at yet another one of their simultaneous answers.

When the waitress brought the check, Pauline grabbed the bill.  “This one is on the Fairchild Corporation.  You are the manager of Etoile Rouge.  We did talk business.”

Ed though to himself that he had never had a business dinner with someone as beautiful as Pauline and dressed so like a fashion model.

Leaving the restaurant, and having just finished a bottle of wine, Pauline looked over at Ed who then took her by the hand, saying, “I am glad that it is only a short walk back.  I am glad that I did not drive. ”

Pauline answered by running her fingers through Ed’s hair and turning his head to face her as she pressed up against him.  “Do you know that you have become a very close friend?”

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