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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 9

Ed opened up his door to greet Pauline.  He found himself staring deeply into her eyes as he greeted her.  “Hi Pauline, I’m really glad you called.  I need a friend that I can share some of the stuff that happened the day before yesterday east of Fresno.”

Pauline wrapped her arms around Ed and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  “Oh you don’t know the half of it.  I really need someone to talk to.  Knowing what I know from the Fairchild Group people out of Fresno along with my Chicago meeting is really giving me some insight.  You were right the other night.”  Pauline deeply inhaled the scent of Ed’s hair that she now, for some reason, found very comforting.

As Pauline pulled away from her lingering embrace, Ed became aware of the skintight and thin backless red dress that Pauline wore, that left only very little to the imagination, complementing her lithe body and the perfect ivory skin of her neck, shoulders, and back.   He had never seen her in clothing so revealing, making him suddenly intensely aware of her femininity and beauty.  The scent of her perfume still lingered in his nose.

Ed and Pauline walked from Ed’s apartment to the Red Grape restaurant in town, Pauline talking about her flight, and Ed describing the Americana of his drive on State Highway 99, both of them savoring the last rays of the sun before the start of another warm summer evening.  Arriving at the restaurant, Pauline walked up to the maitre’d and confirmed the reservation she had made earlier.

After being set at a relatively private table for two, the waitress handed Ed the wine list.  Ed looked up at the waitress. “This is her treat, so she should pick the wine.” He then handed the wine list over to Pauline.  The waitress smiled at both of them and said, “I will bring some ice water while you look through our menu.”

Pauline gave Ed a little smile and then began perusing the wine menu.  “I understand that the seafood here is outstanding.  Perhaps a local pinot noir would be a good choice?”

“Some of the higher vineyards in the shaded valleys where the cool air drains off of the mountains produce some great pinot noirs, what kind of fish did you have in mind?”

“I just love a good Halibut.  I hear that some really good catches are coming right out of San Francisco Bay.”

“I think that I will have the blackened catfish. I have always been fond of Cajun cooking.”

“Then I will order a bottle of the Alder Springs 2004 Pinot Noir.”

“Great choice; that was a State Fair silver medal winner.”

As Pauline lay the menu down on the table her hand brushed up against Ed’s hand.  Suddenly, something like electricity passed between Ed and Pauline.  Both felt momentarily dizzy.  Ed stared directly and deeply into Pauline’s blue eyes while caressing her hand.  Pauline found herself swimming deeply into Ed’s brown eyes.  About then, they both gradually became aware of the waitress standing next to the table, come to take their orders.

Pauline was the first to break the spell.  Taking a long drink of ice water, she then said, “We would like a bottle of the 2004 Alder Springs Pinot Noir.”

The waitress then asked, “Excellent choice.  Would you like to order an appetizer, or would you like me to come back?”

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