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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 8

“He is one of your contacts at the FBI.  You will call him and tell him that you have some information on drug trafficking through the grape juice shipments.  You will give him a packet of blackmail information and tell him to come to see us at an address provided in the packet.”

“You really think that this will work?”

“Alex Burgois has been identified as a prime candidate for turning.  It is amazing that the FBI background check did not pick this stuff up.  However, we were able to validate the American Embassy stuff through our contacts in Moscow.”


Joe sat at the blackjack table at the local Indian Casino.  Four other players were sitting at the table.  Joe had drunk a glass of the Zinfandel Rosarium Divinatio before coming to the casino.  The visions of future threads started impacting his driving ability about the time he parked his truck.

Joe looked at the two cards dealt from the six-deck stack that the dealer was using, a nine of hearts and a deuce of clubs.  When the dealer came around to deal the next cards, of course Joe motioned for another card, getting a three of diamonds.  The dealer had a ten of clubs showing.  Joe visualized the threads for the dealer’s cards, seeing a four of diamonds followed by an eight of spades.  He could see that his next card would be a six of hearts.   The player next to him busted.  When Joe’s turn came again, he motioned for the next card.  Sure enough, the six of hearts appeared on the table.  Joe motioned to the dealer to not deal him any more cards.  When the dealer turned over the hidden card, which sure enough, turned out to be an eight of spades, Joe smiled and took the first $50.00 in chips.

Joe got surer of his abilities as the dealing continued.   When he could see a hand coming up was one he could not possibly win, such as the dealer getting black jack, he only bet the $25.00 minimum.  As his winnings increased he kept increasing his bets, betting the minimum bet on the no-win hands and the $500.00 table limit on the hands he knew he could win.

About the time he had more than $4,000.00 in winnings on the table, Joe felt a tap on his left shoulder.  A heavyset guy in a suit and standing behind Joe said, “Sir, it is time to cash in and leave”.

Joe just opened his mouth and stared.  He realized that this was a thread of events plainly visible, but which he had not paid attention to.

“Sir, you are done gambling. Please take your chips over to the cashier, and then we will need to take your picture, although we have been taping you with the video camera.  What other casinos have you been ripping off?”

Joe’s heart raced.  “Certainly, I will cash out now.  I have never stolen anything from a casino in my life!”

“That’s what they all say.”

Joe’s gambling days, at this casino at least, were over.

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