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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 7

“Not that I can tell.  What do you need of me?”

“Where were you last night, we tried to contact you?”

Eric quickly fabricated a story.  “I experienced chest pains.  I spent the night in the hospital where they ran tests.  I was just released this afternoon.”

Juan looked at Eric with a perplexed and a worried expression.  “Robert is very concerned and was about ready to have some nasty things done to you.  He thought that you might have turned on us.”

Eric was just barely able to keep a poker face, his tenseness betrayed only by a rapid twitching of a muscle in upper left arm.  Fear did strike a hint of nausea as his pulse raced.  “The bribe was fantastic.  You guys offer me so much.  Why would I turn?”

Juan at first stared at Eric, his right hand nervously fumbling with something in the small of his back.   “Just remember, if something goes wrong, and you are at fault, you cannot imagine the pain that you and your family members will experience.  Robert was an Australian soldier in the Vietnam jungle.   He specialized in causing the maximum pain possible to Vietcong prisoners without killing them; too soon anyway.  Do not ever lie to him.”

Eric’s muscle twitch turned into a full-on muscle spasm. “I wouldn’t dream of it.  Now why did you want me to come here?  Is this your house?”

Juan ignored the last question. “We have a task we need you to do, and very soon.”


“We have been working on one of the FBI agents who were watching the Tiburon House Restaurant.  We think he is ready to fall into our control.  We think that you already have had contact with him.  Do you remember someone by the name of Alex Burgois?”

“He was one the agents asking pointed questions the other day.  What have you got on him?”

“He is divorced with three kids.  He has some past dirt that did not show up in his background check when he first became a candidate for the FBI.  He was a Marine Guard for the United States Embassy in Moscow and a drug addict.”


“Alex was corrupted by Russian prostitutes to allow them into secure areas of the embassy, where they planted electronic bugs.  They then used his drug habit to blackmail him for more security breaches.  He is technically already guilty of espionage.  It will not take much to make him turn.”

“What do you need me to do?”

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