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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 4

“I think that sometimes people with precognitive abilities cannot see everything leading up to an event and do not always have the power to stop an event.”

“I feel kind of bad; I yelled at dad and told him how awful he was.  I could have been in that car.  At least no one was killed.  Teresa told me that her mom will be in the hospital for at least a week after her next surgery.”

“Just understand how much your father loves you.  You are very dear to his heart.”

“Yeah, I guess I am lucky to have a dad like him.”


Ed watched the Americana scattered along the east side of California Highway 99 as he returned north.   On one side, farms, gas stations, dairies, and billboards whizzed by as his Citroen plugged along.   On the other side of the northbound lanes, the oleander bushes with vibrant colorful flowers marked the boundary of the center divider.  The car chase replayed over and over in his mind.  He thought about how close he had come to dieing.  The adrenaline had been like intoxicating liquor.  He could understand why people took up sports like skydiving or bungee jumping.  He had learned some things about DeMario that were surprising and unexpected.  DeMario was one of those people who were quietly tough and able, someone to depend on in a pinch.  He also knew far more about the Fairchild Corporation then he let on.

Ed’s cell phone rang and the strains of Strauss’s Blue Danube Waltz were barely audible over the engine of the Citroen. “Hello, this is Ed”.

“Hi Ed, this is Pauline.  I just got back in town and really need to see you.  There are some things I learned while in Chicago.”

“I will be home tonight.  What’s up?”

“I don’t want to talk about this over the phone.  I owe you a dinner.  Can I take you to a place in town?  A place with good wine?”

“I will be home mid-afternoon.  This evening will be perfect.”

Pauline blew him a little kiss over the phone, “See you at 5:30.”

Ed said, “I really enjoy your company, see ya”, and as he hung up, he thought about the sound of a kiss that he just heard over the phone.


Joe sat in his den, print outs of digital photographs of his Great Grandfather’s notes on the desk to one side, an unopened bottle of the Zinfandel Rosarium Divinatio on the other side.  What power lay in these wines after all of these years resting in the wine tunnel?  This wine frightened him far more than the Zinfandel Rosarium Clarivoyance.  Sometimes people dreamed of being able to see the future.  Those people did not understand not being able to be very selective about just what you saw, or the vast complexity that had to be untangled.  There were tremendous moral dilemmas in being able to see threads of future events.  Why couldn’t he have stopped Teresa and her mom from going to Juniper Lake altogether?  He was not sure when he would try to use the wine again.

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