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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 10

Ed responded. “No, I would like the blackened catfish with jambalaya.”

Pauline glanced back at the menu. “I would like to order the halibut steak with the saffron rice and snap peas.”

After the waitress left, Pauline reached over and gently cradled Ed’s hand. “What just happened?”

“I don’t know.  I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like that.”

Pauline savored the warmth of Ed’s hand in hers.  “About Chicago.  I found out that our project manager, the one managing the acquisition of wineries in this region, has a past history that you might find interesting.”

Ed looked deeply into Pauline’s eyes. “I could have died the day before yesterday.  Someone actually shot at me trying to kill me, I think.”

Pauline clutched Ed’s hand tightly. “Oh my god!  Is this related to the Fresno operation? ”

“Absolutely.”  Ed then began a blow by blow account of the car chase.

Pauline found herself deeply worried about Ed and her own safety. “So are you going to get a gun?”

“Yes. I am also going to get the weapons training and apply for a concealed carry permit.  Shindo makes me very nervous, and there must be others.”

“Let me finish about the Chicago meeting.  I was the only one from California at this Fairchild Corporation Meeting.  One of the other managers took me aside and asked me if I knew that, Frank, our regional manager, had beaten several indictments on racketeering charges.  He has ties with the mob!”

“That kind of makes sense. Especially after went on in Fresno.”

“Frank has family ties with the CEO of the Fairchild Corporation.  The other managers are afraid of him.  Worse yet, a few years ago, a couple of managers who opposed Frank were found shot to death, execution style.  Fred had an air tight alibi.”

The wine steward appeared with the Pinot Noir.  Opening the bottle, he splashed a tasting amount into Pauline’s glass and handed her the cork.  ‘Is the wine to your satisfaction Madame?”

“The wine has an excellent nose.” Taking a sip, “it will go well with the seafood we have ordered.’

“Excellent choice please let your waitress know if you will be needing any more wine.”

Ed continued, “My friend in Fresno did say that he thought that this was a rogue portion of the Fairchild Corporation getting into organized crime. Family ties?  In what way?”

“This area manager is a stepson of a sister to the wife of the CEO. The other area managers despise him. Some of his direct reports also do not like him.”

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