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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 5

Then Joe had an idea.  He could really test this and learn about the ability if tried gambling at the local Indian casino.  Joe was not a gambler.  He thought that they might play blackjack at the casino, but he was not really sure.  He turned to his computer to learn a little more about the game and gambling.

Joe heard the doorknob turn.  He turned around in time to see Cathy walk in.

“Dad, I am sorry that I yelled at you.  Teresa’s mom will be in the hospital for at least a week after her next surgery.  She got hurt pretty badly.”

Joe felt another twinge of guilt.  Why could he not have prevented the accident? “It’s ok; I know how much it meant for you to go to Juniper Lake.”

Cathy wanted to ask him how he knew about the wreck but thought better about it. Instead she tried another tack. “Sometimes I think that I dream of things that will happen in the future.  Has this ever happened to you or Mom?”

Joe tensed. “I think that sometimes suggestion will make us think we are dreaming of future events.  These future events are probably things that are likely to happen anyway.  However, your grandmother believed that she could sometimes see the future.”

“I saw a movie last month about someone who could see their own death and worked to make it not happen.  That would be very scary.”

Joe’s guilt made it hard for him to reply.  After a deep breath he said, “I doubt that Hollywood really understands how it all works.  They make movies to sell tickets and make money.  Your Grandmother described it all very differently.”

At that point Cathy could sense that she was pushing the limit on this one.  She decided not push anymore of her Dad’s buttons, for now. “I know you don’t hear this from me very often, but the accident got me thinking I should tell you this more often.  I love you Dad.  You are a good father. ”  She then reached out and gave Joe a hug.


Simone looked up the Gambaro Winery phone number and decided to give Joe a call.  The photographs of the Latin and Greek writings were beginning to obsess her.

After dialing the phone, Joe answered on the other end, “Hello, Gambaro Winery, this is Joe.”

“Hi Joe, this is Simone, how are you doing?  How close is harvest?”

“Hi Simone.  Another week.”

“Remember the last time you were in the store, you know, when Ed was there?”

“Yeah, go on.”

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