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Awakenings Chapter 4: Listenings, Page 2

“I think that I can assume that those criminals were not in an American prison. Flight recorder?  What kind of information and how? What kind of health effects might be manifested?”

“The bioelectronics records vital signs such as heart rate, respiration rate, certain brain electrical activities, and all sounds that the subject hears and makes, along with lots more information.   We are still working on visual recordings.  The recording medium can record up to one week of data in this version.” 

“Sounds like the ultimate eavesdropping tool. So is Eric wired internally?”

“Not in the sense that you are used to.  There are no wires.  The bioelectronics uses existing nerve pathways to transfer data.  This technology is far more efficient than conventional electronics when implanted in a neural organism, and is undetectable by any electronic bug sweeping equipment known to us.”

“So how do we retrieve the information recorded?”

“We have installed special receivers in chairs in your local bureau office and in Eric’s car.   Every time he sits in one of these chairs, the data will be automatically downloaded.”

Sandra raised her eyebrows. “How can you do this to a person?  Didn’t you need to get his permission for this?”

“You got his permission when he signed the papers that he was providing all information that he knew.   He should have read the fine print.  I would think that you would have.  This is part of his agreement to cooperate.  I have to admit, I wish I knew why this case is so important.”

“Does the system include a GPS antenna?”

“Not possible at this time.  That would require the implantation of some more conventional electronics, which could be picked by the equipment used to look for bugs.”

“You said that I must monitor Eric’s health.  For what and how do I do that?”

“The earliest versions triggered seizures in primates, especially under stress.  Some died. It is possible for the system to set up a nasty feedback loop.  This can be manifested by a simple headache, loss of control of bowels, or even a seizure.  We will give you software that will allow you to analyze Eric’s vital signs whenever you download his recordings.  This data you will send to a CIA doctor assigned to assist you.  You have my cell phone number and secure e-mail address.   Contact me any time, day or night, if you have any questions or have any problems.”

“The potential side effects sound like an ad for prescription drugs.”

At that point a door behind them opened.  “How is the patient doing?”

Sandra and Derek both turned to look at the dark suited guy who just walked in. Sandra greeted him, “Hello Alex, Eric is slowly coming out of the anesthesia.  Make sure he doesn’t see you. ”

“No problem.”

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